Menus created by professionals

The ready-made menus created by Laguna professionals are well-thought-out and guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. The roasted fillet of reindeer and the mushroom and sour cream ragout, for example, complete each other in the menus we created.

G – Gluten free
L – Lactose free
VL – Low Lactose
V – Vegetarian

Menu Laguna € 62,00

Casserole of escargot VL, G
Escargot in garlic butter


Classic pepper steak VL, G
200g beef tenderloin steak, sautéed needle beans,
Country-style wedged potatoes and pepper sauce


Laguna’s chocolate cake L
Warm, crushed chocolate cake and roasted white chocolate

Chef’s Menu € 65,00

Asparagus and Hollandaise VL, G
Asparagus and crispy bacon


Fish of the day VL, G
Fresh Finnish fish & seasonal additions


Finnish cheese and compote  VL


Fresh lemon pie VL