Laguna - high-quality restaurant and comfortable party venue

Please note that we are only open by reservation. Minimium requirement for booking a table is 8-10 persons. Please contact our sales staff for more information at or 0105488170

Laguna, which began its operation as early as the end of the 1960s, is a high-quality restaurant and idyllic party venue in Espoo. Laguna is perfect for both private and corporate customers as the owner of the restaurant, Kari Miettunen, has designed the real estate so that is meets the needs and wishes of each customer.

Everything under one roof

The biggest asset of Laguna is its versatility. Our restaurant consists of several different sections, each of them being high-quality and comfortable.

The restaurant in Laguna can also be reserved for groups. In addition to our quality à la carte menu, customers can enjoy meals prepared by our professional staff during lunch time.

Our restaurant also houses a vault bar and a nightclub, which can be used as a quality conference facility during the day. Laguna also has a covered summer deck and sauna with barbecue area. Read more about our versatile quality services.

Contact us

Our photo gallery gives you a taste of Laguna but you can only truly appreciate the place once you see it in person. So come enjoy the delicious meals of our restaurant or the idyllic lake scenery. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We bid you a warm welcome!